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If you haven't heard of Facebook and Twitter by now, then welcome back from your alien abduction...planet earth has been taken over by the phenomenon known as "Social Media".

Joking aside, already embraced by both young and old, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are used by millions of people every single day as individuals, but only recently have businesses and organisations started to realise the power of social media.

Why can social media benefit me? - examples

You're a dentist, you can guarantee that TODAY someone has tweeted or added a Facebook status to say they are coming for a filling at your practice!  Their friends have replied, wished them good luck and joked about how much it's going to hurt.  How cool would it have been for you, the dentist, to send them a message reassuring them that "it won't hurt and we will take good care of you" via their chosen social medium?  Not only would your client be impressed, but so would their friends!

You're a local business directory, and one of your followers/friends needs some new tyres desperately and asks everyone for help and you point them to one of your advertisers...your follower thinks you're great, your advertiser thinks your awesome, and yet you haven't tried to sell anything to anyone!

Social Media is the 21st century "word of mouth", and your customers are using social media every day, probably right now!  You would have to be exceptionally naive or totally misguided to ignore them!

Social Media Set-up and Management

Creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Foursquare and the other popular social media sites is straight forward at a basic level, but you can do so much more.

We offer the following services, all based around social media and designed to promote your business and get you more customers:

  • Social media set-up including your choice of popular sites, including custom backgrounds, panels, landing pages etc.
  • Social media management - we interact with your followers on your behalf
  • Reputation management
  • Blog creation and copy writing
  • Forum interaction

and more...

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