Your request is important to us

When you need help with your SONA services, it's important to know that you aren't just another statistic.

We will endeavour to reply to your request for help or assistance as soon as we can so that you know we are dealing with your issue. We aim to resolve every request within 24 hours, but if your website or email is down or just not responding, 5-6 hours during office opening times is the maximum you should expect to wait before your problem is resolved. If we fail to satisfy your expected support time scale, please call and badger us until we do!

The best way to contact us?

Filling out the contact form is normally the best way to reach us as we receive email at the office and whilst mobile almost instantly and we can be dealing with your issue or request straight away.

If you call the office and we are out on site somewhere, there may be a delay of several hours before we become aware of any issue. Likewise, you can contact us via Twitter or Facebook, but again there may be a delay of several hours.


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